About Smile Makeover Expert Glebe

Smile Makeover Expert Glebe is the specialist team within Glebe Dental Group, a long established dental clinic in Sydney, who make your dream of having a great smile come true.

Our story

Cosmetic Dentist Sydney – from Crowns to Wisdom Tooth Removal

We care about our patients and their oral health, that’s why we take a wholistic view. What goes on in your mouth is often a reflection of what’s happening elsewhere. For example, 91% of patients (generally speaking) with heart disease also have periodontitis.

Similarly, people with Diabetes are usually aware of their increased risk for cardiovascular disease (84%) and eye disease (98%) but only 33% know they have a higher risk for periodontal disease.

But sometimes, people are unaware that they have any of these diseases and only find out when they visit a dentist for a periodontal problem.

They are worst case scenarios, but your mouth is a good barometer for your wellbeing and a healthy mouth can help you reduce your risk of contracting more serious illnesses or at least alert you to your risk factors.

That’s one reason why I believe our excellent training, long years of experience and our continuous education, as well as, our genuine compassion for our patients, makes us a good choice for your dental treatments.

Our mission, our reason for opening the clinic every day, is to provide the people of Sydney with the best dental care available.

One area we are particularly passionate about is how we can use our skills in cosmetic dentistry to give you a smile worth smiling about.

Specifically, our smile makeover expert team is here to help you achieve a life changing smile but we don’t stop there. We give you good advice about diet, flossing, how to manage sensitive teeth and how to prevent gum disease, to mention just a few areas.

You deserve the best that cosmetic dentistry has to offer and we are here to make sure you get it.

You may wonder what this video has to do with dentistry. Well, nothing and everything. What it shows is how a few passionate people can make a difference and that’s what we aim to do too. Everyday.

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